HeartStart free Basic Life Support

Learn CPR and Life-Saving Skills for Free

You can help save lives by making sure you know the signs and what to do.


Our Heartstart training teaches Emergency Life Support (ELS) skills - the set of actions needed to help keep someone alive until professional help arrives.


In this free 2 hour course you will learn the following:


  • London Ambulance Service statistics on cardiac arrest calls

  • Chain of Survival

  • Dealing with a collapsed casualty

  • Adult Basic Life Support

  • Use of a Defibrillator (DEFIB)

  • Heart Attacks

  • Choking

  • Severe Bleeding


You can book this course at your venue for 6 - 12 people.



Learn emergency life support skills before it's too late. Acting now could save someone's life.



In a Medical Emergency, Do You Know...


  • How to tell if someone is having a heart attack?

  • What to do if someone is choking?

  • What to do if a person collapses or is unconscious?

  • How to treat severe bleeding from cuts, wounds and injuries?

  • How to perform CPR using your hands and/or rescue breaths?

  • How to use a defibrillator to shock the heart?



HeartStart - Free First Aid Courses in London, Herts, Essex

Plan for Safety Consultancy is a well established and leading provider of first aid training for small to medium businesses and organisations. This free HeartStart emergency lifesaving skills course can be delivered at your business premises, home, any suitable client hired venue.


We also run a wide variety of specialist training courses covering first training at work, first aid for childcare professionals, first aid for parents, AED defribillator training, as well as health, safety and fire training.


Check us out with the free course, then you'll get the first aid bug and want to learn even more. Improve your career prospects, confidence and do something great for your community.



The HeartStart Course is FREE!

Yes, free.


Course Duration

2 hours



A Free Basic Life Support Course?

Yes. This is an initiative from the British Heart Foundation - it believes that everyone should have access to the knowledge and skills required to save someone's life. We are extremely proud to support this scheme and share our passion for first aid with a wider audience.


Course Pre-Requisites

There are no formal pre requisites, however students must be able to cope with the physical aspects of the course such as performing CPR on the floor, and possess a basic level of literacy in the English language.

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HeartStart (Free 2 Hour) Course

"Together We Can Help Save Lives"