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Disposable Polythene Gloves 

Supplied in a convenient, low-profile dispensing pack of 100 individual gloves, these economical disposable gloves are suitable for a range of tasks.

The gloves are manufactured in accordance with European PPE Directives and are tested to European Standards.  Intended for tasks where risks of contamination are deemed low, they offer a hygienic solution for short applications including food preparation, hair dyeing, routine cleaning and for many other environments.


  • Economical, disposable gloves 
  • Manufactured from polythene
  • Texture embossed for additional grip
  • Food Safe
  • Packed in convenient dispensers of 100 individual gloves


  • Food industry (preparation, handling, serving, self-service food counters)
  • Hairdressing
  • Petrol stations
  • Routing cleaning
  • Waste handling


  • Dispenser dimensions: 185mm x 165mm
  • Glove dimensions: 230mm x 295mm

Embossed Disposable Polythene Gloves x 100

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