Highly effective, powerful broad-spectrum germicide, contains 80% medical grade ethanol and has one of the highest kill rates available.

  • X-Mist cans allow you to quickly and easily sanitise an entire average size room, space, car/caravan with just the push of a button.
  • The can sends out a fine mist of powerful, disinfecting active ingredients that disperse throughout the area.
  • On contact with surfaces it immediately starts eliminating a wide range of germs, including bacteria, yeasts and fungi.
  • X-mist allows you to deliver disinfectant to places that might otherwise be missed, overlooked, or out of reach.
  • Eradicates stubborn odours from foods, pets, smoke and mildew, leaving a clean fresh tea tree smell.
  • One can will treat one average sized space 5m x 5m x 5m.
  • Contains a blend of Propane, Ethanol and Butane.

X-Mist 80% Alcohol Atmospheric Room Sanitiser & Deodoriser

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