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Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Retail (RQF)



The objective of the qualification is to educate Learners who work in a food retail environment about food safety. It includes how individuals have a personal responsibility for food safety, the importance of personal hygiene, keeping work areas clean and hygienic, safe food handling practices and keeping food products safe.



The purpose of this qualification is to prepare Learners for further learning or training and/or develop knowledge or skills in food safety for a retail environment.


Intended audience

This qualification is for people working, or planning to work, in a food retail environment, e.g. supermarkets, corner shops or premises with hot and chilled food display counters.



In a Professional Kitchen, Do You Know...


  • how to prevent cross contamination in your food business?

  • what is required under restaurant hygiene legislation?

  • how to store raw meat, poulty and fish?

  • the best way to do a deep clean?

  • how to check food is correctly cooked?

  • how to cool and reheat food safely?

  • the correct order for washing up?



Food Safety Certificate

The course is assessed via multiple choice examination.



Food Safety Course Syllabus

The qualification covers the following topics:


  • Importance of food safety

  • Types of contamination

  • Bacteriology (including food poisoning and foodborne diseases)

  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

  • The law and food safety (including “due diligence”)

  • Legal responsibilities of food handlers

  • Personal hygiene in food safety

  • Keeping the work area and equipment clean and tidy (including cleaning and disinfecting, safe storage of cleaning chemicals and waste disposal)

  • Design of premises and equipment

  • Pest control

  • Safe food handling practices and temperature controls (including time and temperature controls, cooking and reheating, taking the core temperature, hot holding, freezers, refrigeration, displaying food, cooling food and temperature measuring devices)

  • Safe food handling practices (including dry stores and food preservation)

  • Stock control procedures (including stock rotation and deliveries)

  • Food spoilage

  • Allergens


Food Safety & Hygiene Courses in London, Herts, Essex

Plan for Safety Consultancy is a well established and leading provider of health and safety training for small to medium businesses and organisations. Our courses can be delivered at your business premises, factory, restaurant, takeaway, cafe, home, any suitable client hired venue or our venues in North London.  



Food Safety Training Course Costs

£415.00 + £9.75 per learner


Course Duration

1 day



Entry requirements

Learners must be at least 16 years old on the first day of the training. There are no other formal entry requirements but to benefit from the learning we advise that Learners have a minimum of Level 1 in literacy or numeracy or equivalent.


Plan for Safety Consultancy Ltd

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