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Why clients return to Plan for Safety time after time.

Health & Safety training is vital and offers much more than just a box-ticking exercise, it helps you protect your most valuable assets - your employees.

Managing risks promptly and preventively helps protect everybody working with the company, including visitors and suppliers. By changing attitudes through training and raising awareness of the potential safety issues you can make a huge difference. It is therefore important that you partner with a Health & Safety training organisation that fulfils the needs of your company.

So how do you choose the right Health and Safety training provider?

When selecting the right training partner the following factors need to be taken into consideration: expertise, range of courses, flexibility, compliance, qualifications, reputation, support and cost-effectiveness. Ensure the company is accredited and has experienced trainers. Evaluate their courses, learning options, and compliance with regulations. Check the trainer‘s qualifications, reputation and client reviews.

Why choose Plan for Safety?

Plan for Safety Consultancy is a reputable provider of Ofqual Regulated Health & Safety Courses. Since its establishment in 2014, we have been dedicated to helping clients maintain the highest standards of workplace safety. Our experienced team of trainers offers a wide range of Health and Safety courses tailored to the individual needs of clients.

These include First Aid, Food Safety, Licensing, Health & Safety, Manual Handling, Working at Heights, Fire Marshals and Fire Wardens. These courses are available in various durations, ranging from half-day courses to three-day courses, for up to 16 learners, depending on the specific course requirements. The instructors are carefully selected based on their extensive practical experience in the field.

However, experience alone is insufficient. Plan for Safety Trainers possess a combination of passion and professionalism, allowing them to inspire and engage their students effectively. The company delivers training of the highest quality, in an easy-to-understand and friendly environment.

To ensure continuous improvement, we value feedback from our participants after each course. According to their response 80% of learners rated the company's training as excellent, while the remaining 20% rated it as good. When asked what they liked best about the courses, this is what they said:

· Communication

· Very well explained course

· Resources provided

· The Trainer’s way of teaching

· Very knowledgeable Trainer

· The information was given in an entertaining way

· The Trainer made sure we understood what he is teaching us.

· The Trainer was amazingly helpful and managed to embed a lot of information in to your head

· Very entertaining, informative with useful tools and resources. We loved the trainers

teaching style

These positive testimonials highlight the significance of quality trainers and their delivery methods. While the content of Ofqual regulated courses is excellent, it is equally crucial to present it in an engaging and relatable manner. Plan for Safety's commitment to providing excellent trainers and course delivery plays a crucial role in fostering client satisfaction and retention, and is the main reason clients return to Plan for Safety time-after-time.

We recently launched an e-learning option and blended training for some of our courses to complement our face-to-face training. The e-learning option is ideal for both small and large companies whose work is mission critical and they can’t afford a day or two to assign staff for classroom training, but recognise Health and Safety training is critical to their business.

Details about all our courses can be found on our site at

For further information please call us on 020 3598 0713 or email:

“Together we can help save lives”.

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